A woman sings on every street

What brings me to the city center to watch countless people is the only that says stay. Let us take back what is yours and give identity.
On January 20, 2023, I traveled from Tehran, Iran to Aarhus, Denmark, to participate in the photojournalism course, which was accepted, and since the beginning of my course, I have not been able to experience any project because there is a bigger issue than Tehran, which is related to the country, it is Tehran. it doesn’t exist for me any project.
The current collection is my long-term project in Europe. Differences that are simple but fatal. Long nights and mornings when I wake up every day, I face women and freedom in this land, and which is a sin in my head and for women. And many men and women were killed in my country and are in prisons or are subjected to fear, rape, and violence, and why are they all victims of this system.
You can imagine that these images that you see of women, which are very simple and a part of daily life, are the reason for the collapse of the sleep of the people of my country for seven months, and I, who am a part of my people, still wake up at night with nightmares and relentless cries. ominous
Isn’t it our right to smile at this freedom of covering and living freely?
Children were taken from families who could breathe and fly like a kite.
You can see what I see in the day, this is not the difference of culture you are facing.
As an Iranian female photographer who has been in Tehran from September to January, there are no stunning images. You will not see any of these pictures unless you are deeply immersed in them.