’’ I am after my sufferings ’’

Fall 2020 Tehran, Iran

By early 2020, the world was sinking into obscurity and the unknown.

People were quarantined in their homes Many people could no longer go to work and various costs and issues were putting more and more pressure on people around the world.

No one knows who will be more resilient and alive.

Many people during the covid_19 pandemic does not want to stay at home and only think about their own health to be safe.

They have to work and make money; they seem to have nothing but worries about their wives and children.

Some of them seem to have lost themselves.

So, they take risks, they work to live in the world, maybe that’s just why they smile.

These eyes and smiles are part of me. I live with hope every day, I am after my sufferings; we are born after our sufferings every day.

The world sinks into the ambiguity of the unknown every day and forever.

Give back our children’s share at least.

We are after our sufferings.

Collection of eyes. Qeshm Island. Iran, 2017

Most people in southern Iran who live in Qeshm and villages are Sunni and consider it haram to take pictures.
Women use a lot of Burqa, so they use their eyes more to show their feelings and moods. And the sun burns their men’s faces, the combination of these faces and these eyes is very spectacular. Their eyes have a lot of Is influence.
They communicate very well with me. They assume that I am a foreign tourist, so I do not say anything to keep them away from any judgment.
So we get closer.
My trip to the south of Iran started to write a travelogue and I visited several villages.
But this collection of photos called Eyes is just a childish game with my friend’s camera.