Street photography

Street photography dated February 2021.

Atabak neighborhood is somewhere in Tehran, Iran

For street photography, I do not pre-select the desired point, I just pick up my camera and step on the unknown.

Definitely what attracts me are the parts of society and people that I did not see, so I search, I try to find out through people and signs what is recorded.

According to reports, one of the problems in this neighborhood is that they deal with drugs and use them freely in public. Children and teenagers are familiar with their jobs from the beginning. When I entered the neighborhood, many people told me that you should not go further than here, they will take everything from you, you have no right to appear in front of them with the cameras always it was scary but there is always another choice! Just do not hear what others say! What my eyes see is more real and what I feel with my heart People point their smiles and hearts at me, albeit hard and at the height of disbelief!

_The people of this area are very interested in the commander of the corps, Qassem Soleimani, and the words “Great revenge is ahead” are written on the walls of the neighborhood, and they hung a picture of him on the wall of their shop.