Part of the photography project” Transgender” .Tehran.Iran. 2019&2020

Two years ago, on my way to Vahdat Hall, I had to pass through the city theater to rehearse for theater performances, and this route drew my attention every day to those who lived there, made a living, and hung out there. They were trans and part of the LGBT family. Those who lived their day and night. Daneshjoo Park or the Theater Shahr is one of the oldest theater buildings, which is located in the center of Valiasr crossroads. Last spring, I started talking and researching about some of them, and we walked in the cafes and streets around the Park Shahr, then drank coffee, and listened to them.
In these commutes, I met a person named Annie, who was born on 1992-9-18. Annie moves from her hometown of Urmia to Tehran after realizing that she is a trans and after announcing to her family that she is threatened with death. she has started living without shelter and money.
Annie’s story was attractive to me, so we continued our friendship. I have made some videos and photos of Annie and this is one of my long-term projects.