Social Issues

Photographing people in the rehabilitation of the physically disabled

February 2021. Tehran, Iran


One of my concerns in photography is recognizing people with physical and mental disabilities.

Because I can better understand their issues and concerns by perceiving and knowing them from the environment and from life.

How do they discover the world and their surroundings?

What are their dreams?

who help these people achieve their goals and dreams?

How much effort they put into building their dreams, as well as how rehabilitation centers and educators help them realize their ideas.

Zahra is the one who has caught my attention. She has short hands and is very shy. Her social worker says that most of the time she runs away from the crowd or stands behind someone. Sometimes we follow her for hours and we find her in the bathroom. She stays there for hours and closes the door on herself.

Zahra is twenty-six years old from northern Iran and has been in this place for about thirteen years.

She is very interested in photography and has taken a lot of pictures of people in rehabilitation and plants with her phone, which She showed me.

After talking to her about favorite things she does to learn, including sewing, photography, singing, and playing the piano, she got in touch with me and allowed me to visit her one day a week and document her life.

What caught my attention was that She chose to do whatever hard work with her hands and fingers.

I offered to bring her a camera to take pictures, but She said her hands could not hold the camera, maybe She could do it better with a cell phone.

_ Another person who has no hands but is interested in painting

She grabs a brush with his mouth and paints.

With her lips and kiss on the wall, she wants to paint the whole wall with the effect of her lips.

They came from the hospital to have a corona test